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Matching Games
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Free Christian Preschool Lessons
Preschoolers love matching games!  
Teachers love that they are easy to play,
involve cooperation, skill building, and best
of all very little prep time.  Our matching
games correspond with our weekly thematic
units, but they are fun to play as stand alone
activities as well.  Print on heavy cardstock
or laminate for best results.  Store in a large
envelope and teach children how to put all
the pieces back!
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Matching Games
Shadow Matching Game

Print this page and cut the shapes out separately.  
Ask children "Who does this shadow belong to?"
or, Print two copies of this page to and let
children match the shadows as a center activity.
Farm Animal Matching Game
Here is a simple farm animal matching game
featureing a cow, sheep, horse, pig, rooster, and a cat.
Apple Matching Game
Print up two pages of these beautiful
apples and let children play a color
matching game.  You can set up a
permenant version by turning it into a
File Folder Game and laminating it to
make it more sturdy.