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Amazing Airplanes
book       lesson

Autumn is for Apples
book       lesson

Barney Says Play Safely
book       lesson

Can You Hear It?
book       lesson

Dream Snow
book       lesson

book       lesson

Grimm's Fairy Tales
book       lesson

I Got Two Dogs
book       lesson

Papa, Please get the
Moon for me.
book       lesson

book       lesson

My Shadow
book       lesson

Spring is Here
book       lesson

St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning
book       lesson

Teddy Bear Picnic
book       lesson

Ten Apples up on Top
book       lesson

The Boat Book
book       lesson

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
book       lesson

The Little Red Hen
book       lesson

The Mixed Up Chameleon
book       lesson

The Three R's
book       lesson

The Tiny Seed
book       lesson

The Very Hungry
book       lesson

There's No Place
like Space
book       lesson

Three Little Kittens
book       lesson

Two Little Trains
book       lesson

Queen of Hearts
book       lesson

We Three Kings
book       lesson

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
book       lesson
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Bible Theme: Strength in Christ
Children will learn how we must call on God for the
ability to overcome some of life's biggest obstacles,
and how God will equip us when we follow his plan.  
Preschool Theme: Trains
This page is  full of Train printables!  There are train
coloring pages, bible verse bracelets, printable word
wall cards, handwriting worksheets and more!  We
have everything you need for a fun, fantastic train
"The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper
Everyone loves The Little Engine That Could, that
classic tale of the determined little engine that,
despite its size, triumphantly pulls a train full of toys
to the waiting children on the other side of a
"Two Little Trains" by Margaret Wise Brown
Puff, Puff, Puff! Chug, Chug, Chug! Two little trains
are heading West. One is a shiny, streamlined train,
moving fast. The other is a little old train, moving not
so fast. Both will travel through long dark tunnels,
through snow and dust. What else can they have in
common? Much more than you think!
Talk About Trains!
Show the children some nice large photos
of trains.  Take some time to discuss these
with the children.  Which one(s) do they
like best?  Have any of them taken a train
ride?  How did the train sound?  Feel?

Black Train Photo Printable
Red Train Photo Printable
Blue Train Photo Printable
Talk About Safety!
Show them a photo of a railroad crossing
sign. Ask the children what letter they see.  
Say the "X" sound together.  
Letter X Word Wall Cards
Say the following words together that have
the "X" sound in them, using drawings of
the words as visual aids:  "boXcar," "siX,"
"eXit," "eXcited," "foX," "relaX," and

Word Wall Cards Page 1
Word Wall Cards Page 2
Read: "Two Little Trains"
by Margaret Wise Brown.

Show the children the photo of the railroad
crossing sign again.  Have they ever
thought about where the trains are going?  
Ask the children to think about some of
the things the trains might "see" when
travelling from one place to the next.  
Music & Movement:
First, hand out sandpaper blocks, triangles, and bells
to the children.  Then try to simulate the sound of a
train by combining the sounds of the instruments.

Next, help the children line up in a long, single-file
line with their hands resting gently on the next child's
Play Gary Lapow's "Choo Choo Train"
song from his "I Like Noodles" CD, and dance your
"train" around the room!  
Snack Time: X Marks the Spot Crackers!
Make these with round crackers and "squeeze"
cheese.  Help the children make X's on crackers using
squeezable cheese to resemble both the railroad
crossing signs and an X.
Dramatic Play Trains
Set up a large area with plenty of wooden trains and
tracks, blocks for buildings, plastic rocks and trees,
etc. and let the children's imaginations run free!  
Problem Solving
Create a simple "map" of the room with an
"x-marks-the-spot" ending where a little train engine is
hiding.  Make the children follow the directions on the
map, such as a trail leading "through a tunnel" (which
might be down a hallway,) "over the rugged mountains"
(which might be over a pile of pillows,) and "around the
foul-smelling caves (which might be past the restrooms.)
 Make the map simple enough for your children to
understand, and let them work cooperatively in groups
to find the little lost engine
Train Shapes
Use tangram pieces or other geometric shapes and
encourage the children to create train shapes with
them.  Can the children make an engine?  A boxcar?  
How about a long train with many cars?
Bible Verse Bracelets:
Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through
Christ, because he gives me
Bible Song:
"Jesus Loves Me.”  For a
helpful link with all the
Click here .
Ask the children whether they've ever felt like they were not
strong enough, or big enough, to do something hard.  
Explain that sometimes, we have to wait until we're bigger
to do some things, like drive a car or mow the lawn.  But
for those things that we need to do, and are afraid we can't
do, like play an instrument in a recital, or learn how to ride
a bike, Jesus will help us be strong enough and brave
enough to do them!
Handwriting Practice:
This is an optional handwriting worksheet for
children who are ready to practice tracing the letters
of the alphabet.

X is for Boxcar
X is for Exit
X is for crucifiX
This is a Bible Coloring
Page of Jesus by the
Cross.  X is for the x
sound in Crucifix.
Making Tracks
Set up the easels and break out the paint shirts and let your little railroad tycoons
"build" tracks to their homes.  Let the children try dipping train cars or other toys
with wheels into paint, then run them over their papers to make tracks. Encourage
the children to think about the things they go past on their way home, and paint
"tracks" past those landmarks.  Make sure they include an "X" at the end to
indicate their home.   For example, the children might paint flowers beside one
part of their track and a lake by another, or may just end up with a spiral of tracks
ending in an "X."   Let them decide how to create their maps, and have fun!
Train Coloring Pages
Here are some train coloring pages you can pass out
to the children to color.

Boy with Train Set Coloring Page
Old Fashioned Train Coloring Page
Modern Train Coloring Page
Boxcar Round-Up Phonics File Folder Game
This is a phonics file folder game for children
working on early rhyming skills.  Children match up
the different boxcars to the correct steam engine.  
You can use these by mounting the engine to the
folder and letting children line the boxcars up behind.

Phonics File Folder Memory Pocket
Phonics File Folder Game Page 1
Phonics File Folder Game Page 2
Phonics File Folder Game Page 3
Phonics File Folder Game Page 4
Classroom Field Trip
If there is a local steam engine club, miniature
railway, train museum, or model train exhibit
close by, take the children on an excursion!  If
there is nothing like these near you, borrow a
"Thomas the Tank Engine" DVD and enjoy a
movie time with the children.
Letter X Visual Cards
Optional letter X visuals for this lesson.  
These coordinate with all of our
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