Amazing Airplanes
book       lesson

Autumn is for Apples
book       lesson

Barney Says Play Safely
book       lesson

Can You Hear It?
book       lesson

Dream Snow
book       lesson

book       lesson

Grimm's Fairy Tales
book       lesson

I Got Two Dogs
book       lesson

Papa, Please get the
Moon for me.
book       lesson

book       lesson

My Shadow
book       lesson

Spring is Here
book       lesson

St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning
book       lesson

Teddy Bear Picnic
book       lesson

Ten Apples up on Top
book       lesson

The Boat Book
book       lesson

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
book       lesson

The Little Red Hen
book       lesson

The Mixed Up Chameleon
book       lesson

The Three R's
book       lesson

The Tiny Seed
book       lesson

The Very Hungry
book       lesson

There's No Place
like Space
book       lesson

Three Little Kittens
book       lesson

Two Little Trains
book       lesson

Queen of Hearts
book       lesson

We Three Kings
book       lesson

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
book       lesson
Sunday School Sites
Preschool Crafts
The preschool crafts on our website are
meant to coordinate with our weekly
thematic units.  However, they are
wonderful stand alone activities that hit
important skills children will take with
them to Kindergarten and beyond.  Most
of our ideas are simple and easy to clean
up, making them fantastic go-to crafts.
More Preschool Crafts
Stringed Instruments
Print up these stringed instruments with
bible verses and let children practice
their fine motor skills by lacing them up
with yarn.
Make Musical Triangles

Use 18-gauge or thicker copper wire, silver, or brass wire (sold
at crafting stores,) and let children bend into triangles.  Watch children closely to
prevent cuts and scrapes.  Consider having an adult place a small piece of electrical
or other tape over cut ends of wire.  Use a smaller gauge wire to make the hanger
at the top of the triangle (show children how to bend it into decorative shape.)   
Use about an eight inch length of metal wire (the thickest gauge you can find,) to
make the "tapper."  Bend its ends to make decorative curly-cues.
Eric Carle Moon Pictures

Make moon pictures based on those in Eric Carle's book, Papa, Please Get the
Moon for Me.  Give each child a large rectangle of blue paper.  Let them brush
white paint across it for a background, then let it dry.  Next, give each child a
circle of darker blue for the moon.  Show them the pictures of the moon in the
story, and ask them to create their own moons based on their responses to Carle's
artwork.  Provide white paint and let them fingerpaint their own beautiful
moons.  After the moons are dry, paste them onto the prepared backgrounds.  
Let the children embellish their creations further by placing gold and silver star
stickers into their night skies.
Make some Planets!

Let the children experiment with color and texture by making two planets, Mars
and Neptune.  Give each child two strytofoam balls, one considerably larger
than the other (the larger one is Neptune.)  Roll the balls around in white glue
until well coated.  Give each child two containers: one filled with red sand and
the other with small bits of torn blue tissue paper (in at least two shades of
blue.)  Let the children coat the smaller strytofoam ball with red sand for Mars,
and the other ball with tiny bits of blue tissue for Neptune.  This activity can be
adapted for other planets as your time, resources, and creativity allow.
Make Beautiful Paper Fans
Demonstrate how to fold the paper to resemble a hand-held fan.  
Help each child until everyone has a fan.  Let the children
decorate their fans with sequins, beads, bits of lace, colors,
stickers, bits of colored tissue, etc.  Let them use their fans to
move air and see how the moving air affects different objects.
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