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This is a Christian owned and operated site where you can find free Christian Teaching resources
for your Preschool aged children.  The resources found in our site are like non other, and are
offered freely in the hopes that you'll be blessed as
use them with your students.  If you're new to our
site, check out our
Curriculum Overview  to get
started! We are still in the process of publishing the
entire set of lessons, so if you'd like to receive
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Amazing Airplanes
book       lesson

Autumn is for Apples
book       lesson

Barney Says Play Safely
book       lesson

Can You Hear It?
book       lesson

Dream Snow
book       lesson

book       lesson

Grimm's Fairy Tales
book       lesson

I Got Two Dogs
book       lesson

Papa, Please get the
Moon for me.
book       lesson

book       lesson

My Shadow
book       lesson

Spring is Here
book       lesson

St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning
book       lesson

Teddy Bear Picnic
book       lesson

Ten Apples up on Top
book       lesson

The Boat Book
book       lesson

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
book       lesson

The Little Red Hen
book       lesson

The Mixed Up Chameleon
book       lesson

The Three R's
book       lesson

The Tiny Seed
book       lesson

The Very Hungry
book       lesson

There's No Place
like Space
book       lesson

Three Little Kittens
book       lesson

Two Little Trains
book       lesson

Queen of Hearts
book       lesson

We Three Kings
book       lesson

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
book       lesson
Bible ABC Coloring
26 letters of the This
is a full set of the
alphabet.  Children
can color their way
through the ABC's
while learning about
the Bible!
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Preschool Bible Lessons
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your children's ministry,
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Preschool Alphabet
We're working up printables
for each letter of the
alphabet!  You'll find
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photo visuals you can use
for vocabulary building
during circle time.
A-Z Handwriting Pages
These handwriting pages
coordinate with our
preschool bible lessons!  
These make great
takehome worksheets or
in class activities.
Bible Verse Bracelets
These verses coordinate
with our preschool bible
lessons and are a great way
to help children take their
lessons home with them!
File Folder Games
These games go with
some of our preschool
lessons!  Folder games
are inexpensive ways to
add thematic flair to
your learning center